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Per lineal foot

Rx ( Good)

Per lineal foot

Gutter Rx Gutter Guards are the best way to protect your gutters from leaves, twigs, and other debris. They fit both new and old gutters, never obstruct with roof shingles, and are virtually unnoticeable from the ground. GutterRx is available in white and dark bronze colors. It is made from 98% recycled aluminum and features a patented ribbed design for optimal airflow to clear debris

Armour (BETTER)

Per lineal foot

Armour is made with our exclusive S shaped Micro Mesh that keeps leaves, seeds, pine needles, and other debris from entering into the gutter system.Armour can be installed under the shingle or fascia board and then screwed in to the lip of the front gutter.

Micro Curved (BEST)

Per lineal foot

Micro Curved  is made from our .019 high grade aluminum and a 30-weight surgical stainless-steel micro mesh. The mesh is rounded, or “stamped” in the frame so it cannot be pinched out. Underneath the mesh is a louvered aluminum base underneath that provides its stability to heavy ice and snow. It is perfect for any home with pine needles and helicopters (samaras). It is available in 3 colors.

Ultimate Hood (XTREME)

Per lineal foot

High Grade  Aluminum Panel Stands the test of time.Patented Bracket System

Our brackets hold up our cover and can provide stability to your gutters in a winter ice storm.Slides under your roof shingles This does not void any roof warranties. Going up under the shingle provides extra stability to your gutters to hold them up under the crushing weight of ice. By being underneath the shingle it provides a nice runway for the water to accurately adhere to the gutter and run right into your gutters!

Downspout Drain Guard 3x4 inch only

Per piece

This Item is the 3rd line of defense especially if you have drain tiles under ground. Place our 3″x4″ Drain Guard above any ground drain and insert a 3″x4″ commercial sized downspout into it. The basket will prevent drains from clogging by catching debris from your downspout. The drain guard basket can be removed for easy cleaning.

Maxx Flo Gutter Outlet

Per piece

Your Cure to Plugged Downspouts!!! Increase Outlet Flow Up To 45% Over Standard Drop Outlets

Constructed of .027 Aluminum – Available in different Colors – Available for 5” & 6” Gutters – Will mate ONLY with 3″x4″ Downspouts.

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